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Can a Bearded Dragon Eat Bell Peppers?

Can a Bearded Dragon Eat Bell Peppers?

Yes, a bearded dragon can eat Bell Peppers. Bell peppers are sweet, and hence they also add good taste to your Bearded Dragon’s diet. They are crunchy and full of water. So, there’s a high chance your dragon would love it. Bell peppers do not cause any health issues. So, you can give them to your bearded dragon without a worry.

Are bell peppers good for Bearded Dragons?

Yes, bell peppers are good for bearded dragons, but they don’t have enough vitamins for your dragons. Hence, it is advised that bell peppers should be only given as a secondary treat rather than a staple food.

Bell peppers are good for bearded dragons because they are rich in potassium which is excellent for your dragon’s heart health and Vitamin C that improves the immune system of your dragon, making it stronger to fight off diseases.

Bell peppers are rich in water and nutrients. They keep your Bearded Dragon hydrated, healthy and adds multiple qualities to their diet. But your dragon needs a lot of calcium in its diet to grow and live well which the bell peppers don’t provide. When they are in the wild, they feed on a wide range of food like fruits, vegetables, roots, and insects. If you have a dragon at home, make sure you feed them well.

Nutritional Value of Bell Peppers. 

Firstly, Bell peppers are mostly made up of water, and hence they keep your pet hydrated and fit.

The other nutrients that you can find in Bell Peppers are as follows.

Every 100g of Bell peppers have

Nutrients in Bell Pepper In Grams
Calories 31g
Protein 1g
Fat 0.3g
Carbohydrates 6g
Natural sugar 2 g
Fibres 1g

There are other vitamins and minerals in bell peppers that can help your Bearded pet. 

Vitamin C: Vitamin C helps in improving immunity and health. This helps your dragon fight off diseases and other issues. 

Vitamin E: This is a great antioxidant. It flushes out unwanted stuff from your bearded dragon’s body. Vitamin E also helps in forming healthier muscles that are necessary for your dragon to survive. 

Vitamin K1: This vitamin makes your dragon’s bones healthy and strong. Having strong bones lessens the risk of physical injury and internal damages. 

Vitamin B6: Vitamin B6 forms red blood cells which are vital for all living beings. Red blood cells send oxygen to the whole body, thus helping in the proper functioning of the body. 

Potassium: Bell peppers are rich in potassium, which is great for heart health. Its keeps the heart pumping and healthy.

How do you feed Bell peppers to your Bearded Dragon?

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-You have to first make sure that the Bell peppers you buy are of good quality. See if they are heavy and hard enough. If they are heavy and hard, it means that they have lots of water and are good. 

-You should cut up the bell pepper into small pieces and put it into his food dish or tank. Remove all the seeds and insides before you give it to your dragon.

-If you are putting the pieces into the tank, clean up the remaining pieces as they may start to smell and cause discomfort to your pet. It also might gather fungus, which is not healthy. 

You MUST give the Bell Peppers as a side dish to the bearded dragon along with its live food, regular water, and other nutrient-rich foods. Though bell peppers are a tasty and good source of vitamins, they are not enough for a proper meal. 

-If you are feeding your bearded Dragon bell pepper for the first time, make sure that you watch your dragon eat it. You would come to know if he likes Bell Peppers or not. 

FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

1. Can you give Bell Peppers to Baby Bearded Dragons? 

Yes, you can give Bell peppers to baby bearded dragons, but it is not advisable. Baby dragons are growing up, and they need a lot of nutrients to grow into a healthy adult. What they eat now, as babies, is far more important as to what they eat when they are adults. Babies need a lot of calcium and protein to grow, and Bell Pepper doesn’t provide that. These won’t have major health benefits for your baby. Therefore, even if you feed bell peppers to your Bearded Dragon’s baby, feed them once in a while and not daily. Be sure to cut the peppers into very tiny pieces so that the baby can eat them without choking or a problem. 

2. Do dragons Like Bell peppers?

Most dragons like bell peppers, but some bearded dragons do not. The peppers are sweet in taste and crunchy. So, they like eating it, but you should be perfectly sure if your dragon likes them or not before adding bell peppers to their diet. 

It’s also seen that Red bell peppers are liked more than Green, yellow and Orange Bell Peppers because red Bell peppers are the sweetest and others are bland. 

3. How much bell pepper should I give to my dragon?

Five pieces are enough for your dragon. That would provide enough nutrients to your dragon. More than that would not cause any problem as such, but that would cause your dragon to eat less calcium-rich food and live food. Hence, he’ll be getting lesser benefits. 

Other food items you can give your Bearded Dragon

Some other food items that you can include in your bearded dragon’s diet are Raspberries, peeled bananas, parsley, and sweet potato. However, they like to eat live food more. Hence make sure to give them crickets, waxworms, mealworms, and other small insects that they like.


Bell peppers are completely safe for Bearded Dragons to eat. If given in limited quantities along with other food, Bell Peppers can actually prove to be very healthy for your pet Bearded Dragon. 

⚠️ This article is a transcribe of articles from other sources. Please consult a vet before deciding the diet of your pet. This is just for a basic idea & should not be followed to decide your pet’s diet.
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