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Bearded Dragon Diet

Can a Bearded Dragon Eat Bell Peppers?

Yes, a bearded dragon can eat Bell Peppers. Bell peppers are sweet, and hence they also add good taste to your Bearded Dragon’s diet. They are crunchy and full of water. So, there’s a high chance your dragon would love it. Bell peppers do not cause any health issues. So, you can give them to...Read More

Can a Bearded Dragon Eat Potatoes?

Potatoes are not a threat to bearded dragons, and they can eat potatoes but very rarely. Potatoes don’t have any nutritional value and not much taste either. Your dragon needs loads of vitamins and minerals to grow, but Potatoes don’t provide anything for your Dragon to grow. Are Potatoes good for Bearded Dragons? Potatoes are...Read More

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Apples?

Yes, your bearded dragon can eat apples as a snack and as part of a healthy diet. You can give them apples occasionally in the right quantity. However, you should not feed them too often. They should not be overfed, especially if they are below six months of age. At this age, their diet should...Read More

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Celery?

Celery is a healthy food, and it can be a great idea to introduce it in a Bearded Dragon’s diet. But can the Bearded Dragon eat celery? Or should it be kept strictly off the bearded dragon’s diet? Over the years, there have been many discussions about whether celery is nutritious enough to be served...Read More

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Watermelons

If you are worried about feeding watermelons to your bearded dragon, you can expect answers to all the related questions here. In this in-depth article, you will understand whether or not bearded dragons can eat watermelons. In the following paragraphs, we will guide you about watermelons’ nutritional value, their benefits, and risks to bearded dragons....Read More

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Cucumber? 

So, can bearded dragons eat cucumber? Yes, bearded dragons eat cucumber. Cucumber gives you a method for hydrating and sustaining your Bearded Dragons since it contains minerals and nutrients. Is eating cucumber good for your Bearded Dragon?  Cucumbers are among the vegetables endorsed for taking care of Bearded Dragons. They contain a few minerals and...Read More

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Kale?

Bearded Dragons are omnivorous, meaning they eat both plant and animal-based foods, including insects. In recent years, kale has gained a lot of traction in the sphere of Wellness & Nutrition and is often considered as a superfood. But does it mean that kale is a great source of nutrition for the Bearded Dragon? Or...Read More

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Bananas?

If you are worried about feeding bananas to your bearded dragon, you have come to the right place. In this in-depth article, you will learn whether or not bearded dragons can eat bananas. We will guide you through all the dos and don’ts. It covers all the answers you seek before feeding bananas to your...Read More

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Tomatoes

At times it becomes difficult to know what healthy foods to feed bearded dragons. Commonly available fruits such as tomatoes are often one of the first considerations. As the nutritional requirements of a bearded dragon are significantly different from that of us humans, this has made owners come up with the question if bearded dragons...Read More

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Oranges?

Most pet owners love to share human food with their pets, and Bearded Dragon owners are no different. All emotions apart, doing this can be dangerous and may even lead to fatalities. Orange is one such fruit that the pet owner may love, but it is not good for the Bearded Dragon. Here, we explain...Read More